It Búthûs

it Búthús

It Búthûs (the Frisian word for cow stables) is the only lodge with a bath. The kitchen of it Buthus is seperated from the living room. It Buthus has some old elements like the wooden floor in the living room and an old fireplace (no longer in use).


It Búthûs consist of a spacious kitchen, which is connected with the living room. The lodge has a spacious bathroom including a bath, sink, shower and toilet. Uitzicht Buthus

The living room also contains a double sofa bed and an unique box bed. The living room is furnished with a long table suitable for 8 persons. The (steep) staircase to the first floor can be found in the kitchen. On the first floor, two single beds can be found. Via the corridor on the first floor it is possible to enter the lodge `Skuorre` via a passage.

This means that It Búthûs is semidetached to the Skuorre.

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