De Telle

De Telle

The atmosphere in the Telle (Frisian word for `threshing`) also reminds you to the past centuries.
There are wooden beams, and a 18th century box bed with a small basement underneath.

Compared to the other lodges, the view from the Telle is most wide and is surrounded with most space outside. Pets are not allowed in the Telle.

Uitzicht vanuit de Golle en de Telle

The ground floor includes a small hall with stairs to the first floor. The living room includes a sofa, small table a dining area and a box bed. The box bed is only suitable for childre to sleep in.
The small kitchen of the Telle is made in a former closet.
The ground floor furhermore contains a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.
At the first floor, two single beds can be found and there is enough space for a child`s bed.

The Telle is semideteched with the Golle.



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